The omega seamaster replica Lambda in steel

omega seamaster replica


omega seamaster replica has always considered the Lambda a unique piece in its collection. It is a cased in precious metal with a sticker that is well over the brand's regular prices.Replica Watches omega seamaster replica now has a trio limited-edition Lambdas in steel to commemorate the 175th anniversary the arrival of watchmaking into Glashutte.

Before we move on to the new case material we need to discuss what makes the Lambda an exceptional watch in the omega seamaster replica Family. That's because of its movement. The DUW 1001 is a unique movement. The DUW 1001 calibre is the first to be marked with the 'Deutsche Uhrenwerke omega seamaster replica Glashutteaa??? seamaster replica It is a long, thin, manually wound movement that is finished in a way that is more than typical for omega seamaster replica.

Six of the 29 jewels have been set in chatons that were hand-polished. The large three-quarter-plate, which is traditionally German, looks amazing with the omega seamaster replica perlage sunray seamaster replica The balance cock's swan neck adjustment system is hand-inscribed by "Mit Liebe in Glashutte Gefertigt", which means "Lovingly made in Glashutte."

Although the movement's finishing lends credence to this statement, a more accurate inscription could have read 'ingeniously designed in Glashutte'. The DUW 1001 packs a respectable 84 hours, or 3.5 days, into its twin barrels. Each hour counts when it comes down to the dial.