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The Legacy Machine FlyingT was first unveiled in early 2014, and is zenith replica’s first venture into women’s watches. The LM FlyingT was first released in three versions of white gold with diamonds, which received high praise. This year, it is returning in two editions, one in red gold, and the other in platinum.

Max Busser, the creator of zenith replica, did not consult women when developing the LM FlyingT. He chose to follow his instincts instead. Great designs don't discriminate based on gender, and women,Panerai Replica Watches as well as men, loved this watch. This is not just a statement. The Legacy Maching FlyingT won the Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Geneve for Best Ladies' Complication Watch, which is the highest award you can get in the watchmaking industry.

The new version is without diamonds. In place of the stretched lacquer dial, we have a guilloche-style plate with a radial design of scalloped arch patterns, which draw our attention upwards to the movement, bringing the central column of a flying tourbillon into sharp focus.

Kari Voutilainen is a long-time collaborator of zenith replica and master dial at Clomblemine. The scalloped pattern is made by hand-guided rose engines on a brass sheet. The two versions are a black version in a red-gold case and a midsummer-sky-blue version in a platinum case.

The new Legacy Machine FlyingT editions do indeed have diamonds.rolex replica watches A diamond solitaire is positioned at the top of the column of the flying tourbillon, and gleams in the light while its tourbillon beneath it completes one full turn every 60 second.