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tudor replica's 2014 Collection includes a beautifully polished pink-gold version of the tudor replica watch. The new material gives it a more elegant look than the white gold version. However, its high-end mechanism is still preserved. This new timepiece, like all the other timepieces in the Duometre collection is based on a "dual-wing concept" that allows for independent adjustments to the second minute hand. The watch's refined design, highlighted by the beautiful globe, is near the perfection of aesthetics.

The new tudor replica watch is an horological masterwork in every sense. It houses an in-house JLC calibre 383 which is both functionally advanced and aesthetically pleasing. This hand-winding device implements the "dual wing" concept. It uses one escapement but two operating gear trains that are completely separate and two barrels that are both wound by the crown. The first barrel powers the local time display,Panerai Replica Watches and the second barrel provides a mechanism to display the second time zone. Each barrel has a reserve of up to 50 hours. This system has the advantage that one display is very accurate and is not affected at all by the adjustment of the other.

All hands can be adjusted by using the single crown. In position 1, the crown sets the minute hand on the travel-time display located at 9 o'clock. In position 2, the crown is used to set the local time. In neutral, the crown winds the mechanism. You can maintain the accuracy of your watch when changing time zones, as there is a separate pusher that is used to set the jumping hours for the travel-time displays.Panerai Luminor Chrono Replica You can view a world map at 6 o'clock, surrounded by the travel-time display and day/night indicators. The time is synchronized to the travel time.

The mechanism is also of the highest aesthetic standards. The sapphire case-back reveals its hand-chamfered wheels, snailed bridges and gear train. All are decorated with polished troughs. The style of decoration of the movement is inspired by the rich tradition of pocket watches. The case back is engraved on the rim with 24 city names.

The tudor replica case is made from pink gold and has a diameter of 42mm. The brown leather strap perfectly complements the watch.